What is counselling?

The type of counselling we offer

During times of distress or any particularly difficult period in a person’s life, counselling can help people explore matters which may be causing them concern or anxiety in a confidential environment, without being judged.

There are many counselling approaches; at MHA all of our counsellors offer Humanistic Counselling. In our Adult Counselling Projects this takes the form of Person-Centred Counselling. Our Youth Services operate on an age-appropriate Relational Approach often using resources to support young people to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

Our counsellors believe that we all have the potential to grow and change. The relationship between counsellor and client is of primary importance in order for clients to decide their own way forward.

How can counselling help?

Counselling can help people get a fresh perspective on a particular problem that might be causing distress. It can also help people explore possible solutions or just offer an opportunity to talk confidentially with someone who is unconnected.

All of our staff and volunteers are trained in meeting clients where they are in their lives and valuing their individual experiences in an empathic and non-judgmental way.

Mental Health Aberdeen is a Registered Charity No. SC012306

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