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Mental Health Aberdeen is made up of a network of about 150 people. This is broken up into around 50 members of staff, and 100 volunteers, each working hard to run our projects and offer care advice and support to those affected by mental ill-health. At present, our projects are spread across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with many facilities specialising i their own type of care and support. This ranges from Counselling and information services, to befriending, support for carers and day services for those suffering from mental ill-health. Our services support and promote individuals as they work towards their goals, achieving things like recovery, increased social inclusion, or reintegration into society.

MHA’s services rely upon and greatly value our dedicated group of volunteers that enable us to provide the high level of service provision currently on offer. The charity funds training and support, as well as out of pocket expenses in return for our volunteers valuable time, expertise and dedication.
MHA Counselling:
MHA provide all of our counselling services across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire free and confidential. We adult counselling services to adults over the age of 16 and to Children over the age of 12 at our community base. In addition to this, we also have youth counsellors who are based in some primary schools, offering support for children aged 8 years and above.
MHA counselling offers individuals a non-judgemental atmosphere in which people can talk about the difficulties that are impacting their daily life. Our Counsellors provide a chance for a person to be heard and understood, allowing them to express themselves in a safe environment. It is hoped that in doing this, people can be supported as they make choices and decisions to come to terms with loss or change, or even to understand themselves and seek clarity and different perspectives.
Some issues clients bring to counselling include:
  • Family and relationship problems
  • Low self esteem and low confidence
  • Mood changes
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Feelings of isolation and self harm
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Employment issues
  • Suicidal ideation
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Through the utilisation of our projects and services across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, MHA provides support for people affected by mental ill-health through the following:
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The provision of personalised day services and volunteer befriending to alleviate the distress of social isolation.
Adult and youth counselling services designed to tackle issues such as anxiety, distress and to help individuals formulate the mental tools for increased resilience towards future challenges.
MHA offers support for the most vulnerable people struggling with an enduring mental illness, empowering them to develop a more positive focus and approach in the future.
It is not always those suffering from mental ill-health that are affected by it. MHA also works hard to support those caring for someone experiencing mental ill-health.
As an organisation, we also seek to influence policy making and implementation at local and national levels.
To access one of our services, you can do the following:
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Refer yourself. This is known as a self referral and your can do that by contacting the service you wish to gain access to directly by phone or email. Both can be found at the bottom of each services page on our site. Our ACIS Youth service also operates a text messaging service.
Professional referral – GPs, teachers, social workers, health workers, other specialist services, parents, guardians or, friends can get in touch with us, as long as the adult or young person has given permission for someone to do so.
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