What Is Counselling?
Counselling is a service that offers you an opportunity to meet and talk with a trained person who will work alongside you as you move towards making positive changes in your life. We offer a therapeutic and supportive environment to help you deal with the difficulties you are experiencing and find a way to move forward and on with your life.
What Can MHA Counselling Offer?
  • A safe place where you can be open, honest and heard.
  • Our Counselling is an individual and confidential service.
  • We offer all clients an initial meeting to discuss any questions you may have and how Counselling might benefit you as an individual.
  • A safe place to look at new ways of coping with difficult experiences, distress or conflict in your life.
  • Support as you come to terms with loss or change in your life.
  • A warm and friendly reception for everyone that contacts our services
  • We are a free service. Being a charity, the organisation does rely heavily upon donations however. These would be gratefully received.
  • We are recognised by the Counselling bodies BACP and COSCA.
How Does Counselling Work?
  • Counselling is an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about issues which might be bothering you, without fear of being judged. Clients often find this as a huge relief, especially being able to talk things through with someone removed from a particular situation.
  • Clients can build a trusting relationship with their Counsellor, enabling them to open up and be honest as they work towards improving their situations or feelings, allowing you to move forward.
  • Our Counsellors will accompany you along this journey, offering help and support as you develop the tools and emotional resources required to take action yourself.
Client Testimonies
“Counselling gave me the opportunity to say what I was feeling out loud. Being listened to allowed me to see other solutions and identify inner strengths and the ability to cope.”
counsellor in consultation with young female client
Mental Health Aberdeen does not exist, or work in isolation. To cater and provide support for people living in the north east, it is vital that we work collaboratively with other organisations. If we cannot provide you the support we need, we will work with you to find a group or organisation which can.
Mental Health Aberdeen does not exist in isolation. Collaboration with other charities, third sector organisations etc is vital in serving the people in the north east. If we cannot help you, we will find you someone who can.

• Samartians • Childline • VSA • Other local organisations

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counsellor talking to a young client


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young female client in meeting with a counsellor


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